The New Generation
Retirement Seminar

Hosted by Retirement Systems

Retirement Systems was formed to provide a one-stop shop solution for federal retirement.

We educate individuals on their federal retirement system, optimize strategies that maximize their retirement benefits, and assist with the retirement process overall from A to Z, for free. 


Our seminars and 1 on 1 meetings cover:

Retirement eligibility & Best date to retire


Net pension & Supplement calculations

Sick/annual leave strategy

Social security strategy & Break even analysis

Mortgage/debt/asset analysis

Survivor benefit election & Interim period

TSP/IRA/Roth Financial strategy

Tax efficiencies in retirement & the SECURE Act

10% Pension kicker & much more


We also assist with HR related services such as FEGLI Change Forms, Beneficiary Change Forms, Military buy backs, option c refunds, and most importantly, retirement paperwork for both FERS and CSRS. We provide these services, as well as those mentioned above, at no cost. 

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